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Wayne Wile - International Investor; Institutional Investment Consultant

Wayne Wile's Bio:

Wayne Wile is an international investment consultant and financial expert with a career spanning more than five decades. His work in the financial sector began in the mailroom of a Canadian investment firm, but his experience and knowledge have helped him progress in his career since those early days.   As he worked his way into management positions at several companies, Wayne Wile learned the principles of finance and started to develop habits and strategies that would help him later in life. He has worked with several international investment projects and currently lives in the Cayman Islands.   Wayne Wile’s work has brought him in contact with opportunities in many parts of the world, including Switzerland and international jurisdictions. He is the author of many articles in which he offers guidance on how to successfully sell and buy stocks. Instead of following a mathematical model for predicting the markets, Wayne offers a more intuitive approach that includes turning to the markets themselves for guidance. As he says, “Successful traders stop analyzing and learn to listen to what the market is telling them every day.”   Understanding the impact of major financial trends on investment strategies is one of the areas that Wayne Wile has studied. Austrian economic theories and business cycle analysis have helped him formulate his own theories, especially with regard to investing in mining and metals. He has worked as a strategic consultant to corporations, international banks, and also individuals looking for investment opportunities, especially in the precious metals sector.   Experience has taught Wayne Wile about the potential pitfalls and rewards of various types of investment avenues. He has discovered the inherent risks of the mining and metals sector many investors miss, although he believes that it also offers some of the greatest rewards. Wayne has also unearthed some of the contradictions and unnecessary complications of current stock trading systems and has sought to simplify them.    Although he still advocates that people seek professional advice when trading stocks, Wayne Wile hopes to give investors the knowledge they need to become more independent. One of these areas that investors should understand is knowing when to sell a stock. In his opinion, selling at the right time is just as important as knowing when to buy.  

Wayne Wile's Interests & Activities:

stock market trading, investment management, consulting, traveling

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